Master Your Challenges with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Use advanced data analytics to create valuable insights for everyone


Understanding the Complexity of a Problem is the First Step to Taking Better Decisions.

Growing modularity and complexity in products, processes and projects create dependencies that are hard to monitor. Soley provides you with a perfect solution to master complexity within your products, projects and processes. Benefit from comprehensive portfolio, product and variant analysis to take smart development decisions and provide valuable insights for your management team. Your results will be essential for reducing production and maintenance costs. Furthermore, increasingly complex systems require more time and effort on all stages of their development: from functional review to final verification. With comprehensive domain specific models and rule-based graph analysis you will support product development and testing in order to provide high quality products.

Master Complexity by analyzing Dependencies

1. Start with what you know

Define key elements and their relations

2. Import and map data

Map your data on predefined elements and relations

3. Build knowledge from data

Calculate dependencies based on known relations

4. Take the right decision

Intuitive views map properties to layout, size and color

Create Interactive Results

Use advanced interactive visualizations.

Zoom in and out or drag around nodes.

Provide mouse-over information.


Use Cases