Which Price Do You Pay for the Complexity of Your Product Portfolio?

Typical distribution of saving potentials through complexity management in manufacturing companies

Identify Your Saving Potentials
Health Check for Your Product Portfolio

Reduce complexity and achieve significant savings in procurement.

“Reducing unnecessary variants in a short space of time.” Andreas Kisch (Advanced Product Development – Product Architecture,
Festo AG & Co. KG)
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Trigger Success with a Lean Product Portfolio

With the Engineering Intelligence Technology by Soley you take comprehensive control over the complexity of your product portfolio and save costs throughout the value stream. We are there to help you create transparency, identify risks and take better decisions.

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Unlock Impressive Saving Potentials* with Smart Data

Perceive Complexity

With Soley solutions you create transparency over all the relevant information and dependencies within your product portfolio. Get started to identify vulnerabilities, and use clear, informative indicators for better decisions.

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Realize Potentials

Reduce unnecessary variants and cost drivers throughout the value stream. Make use of digitized expert knowledge to improve your whole product portfolio more efficiently. Use Soley solution libraries or automate your own best practices.

Scale the Results

Enable your company to take better decisions on a regular basis. Soley offers a flexibly scalable software architecture to help you with that. With our solution at hand, you turn the complexity of your product portfolio into a competitive advantage, save costs considerably and boost your revenues throughout the value stream.

“With Soley we managed to systematically reduce and identify unnecessary variants in our product portfolio. This helps us to save costs and reduce complexity in products and processes.” Elmar Duffner (CEO, Vivonio Furniture GmbH)

Complexity under control. Agile. Data based. Scalable.

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