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Master Complexity with our Software Solutions

With our technology, companies analyze complex dependencies using their data.
They gain transparency, take better decisions and reduce costs.

Gain Transparency Straightaway

The product portfolio determines complexity costs and creates impact throughout the whole value chain. Therefore, it is the perfect interface for connecting data silos to smart data. Equipped with our analysis technology, you will achieve transparency, channel your resources to profitable product variants and as a result, optimize your value chain in no time. Turn complexity from a cost driver to your competitive advantage!

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Quick Start: Product Portfolio Check

With an automated analysis of your product portfolio’s market success, modularity and cost efficiency, you gain transparency instantly. In this way, you can systematically identify strengths and weaknesses of your product portfolio, that would otherwise remain hidden within complex dependencies. Within just two weeks you will get our report with a comprehensive analysis and precise guidance.

How Does The Check Work?

Soley is the Right Choice for You

Soley combines complexity expertise and IT know-how into innovative analysis solutions, high-performance software, and customized customer applications.
With Soley you are sure to have a reliable partner by your side in any case.

Product Portfolio Analysis

Your Fast Track to Success!

High-Performance Software

Expand Your Own Analysis!

Turn These Data Analysis Potentials Into Your Advantage:

Data Analysis Potentials for Manufacturing Companies – McKinsey Study 2017

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Cut development costs.


Manufacture cost-efficiently.


Increase the margin.

Your Next Steps on the Way to Transparency

Amazing companies and products should not be slowed down by complexity. We provide you with all the necessary means to get started with automated product portfolio analysis. We will help you to consistently turn complexity into your competitive advantage.

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