Empowering Experts

Master complexity with multi-perspective data analytics

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Festo uses Data Analytics for Modification and Phase-Out Planning
Seat uses Data Analytics for Test Case Management
Tetra Pak uses Data Analytics for Efficient Validation in Process
Hilti uses Data Analytics for Product Portfolio Management
Phytron uses Data Analytics for Complex Decision Making
“Through the automation of time-consuming, manual analyses we were able to systematically reduce unnecessary variants in a short space of time. This enabled us to make significant savings in purchasing and to target cost savings in the reduction of complexity.”Andreas Kisch (Advanced Product Development – Product Architecture, Festo AG & Co. KG)
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Empowering Experts

Master complexity with multi-perspective data analytics


Succeed with brilliant decisions

Win game changing insights using cutting edge data analytics to save time and money.

Finally make use of available data

Connect easily to various data sources to import, consolidate and improve available data.

Create ROI in no time

Work agile and create results building on top of existing solutions to create ROI in no time.

Master Complexity by Analyzing Dependencies

One example of how to boost profitability with our software: Analyze product similarity by feature together with sales volume and margin to focus on your best performing product variants.

1. Start with what you know

data analysis define meta-model

Define key elements and their relations

2. Import and map data

data analysis import data

Map your data on predefined elements and relations

3. Build knowledge from data

dependency analysis

Calculate dependencies based on known relations

4. Take the right decision

data visualization

Intuitive views map properties to layout, size and color

With Soley, we were able to identify and reduce unnecessary variants in our product portfolio. That reduces costs and complexity in our products and processes.Elmar Duffner (CEO, Vivonio Furniture GmbH)