Transforming product data into business value.

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Strategy means using scarce resources for the right things. Product Mining from Soley supports the strategy process and translates strategic initiatives into concrete action packages - even in complex environments. Companies benefit from this in crisis situations as well as in daily competition.

leaner product portfolio
without loss of revenue
higher productivity
Higher resilience to supply chain disruption


Soley combines existing data to create the Enterprise Digital Twin. In this way, companies can illuminate complex interrelationships and dependencies within the entire product portfolio. Not only do they gain a comprehensive overview of potentials, dependencies and risks, they also gain actionable insights to optimally prepare product strategy decisions in the context of growth, profitability and resilience strategies.



With Soley's product mining platform, invisible potentials and risks along the entire value chain become immediately visible. Data-supported decision templates show companies concrete starting points within the product portfolio. In this way, complex interrelationships and dependencies can be understood directly and easily, enabling companies to think ahead permanently, minimize supply chain risks and identify potential.


Actionable Insights enable companies to optimally prepare product strategic business decisions. To this end, Soley's product mining platform generates data-supported decision templates and shows companies concrete starting points within the product portfolio. In this way, clear priorities can be derived and stakeholders can be directly and easily involved. The result: teams simply make collaborative decisions faster to successfully achieve strategic growth, profitability and resilience goals.
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With Soley's product mining platform, companies transform complex product data into real business value: more growth, more resilience, more innovation, more sustainability and thus more profitability. Based on clear templates, teams make better decisions faster that are not only more transparent and sustainable, but also take into account critical dependencies and interactions.




Discover hidden potentials and risks

Soley analyzes millions of dependencies between products, customers, components and suppliers and identifies hidden risks and potentials. With concrete recommendations and resilient impact analyses, strategic initiatives become easy to implement effectively.

Down the Rabbit Hole – Track impacts seamlessly

With the Impact Explorer, Gordian complexity nodes can be easily unraveled: Complex dependencies can now be traced directly step by step for large quantities of products, components, customers or suppliers.


Smooth team decision making

The Decision Board brings stakeholders together at strategy and detail level. Impact analysis and drill-down provide decision-relevant information at all levels. This means less discussion and more good decisions.


Innovation boost for the product portfolio

Reduce the age of your sold products to conquer the market with new, innovative products. Here the focus also lies on sustainability: products with a poor environmental footprint and poor sales performance are phased out. 

Consistently eliminate portfolio ballast: Regional product phase-out

With regional product phase-out, you perfectly adapt your product portfolio to regional market conditions. By phasing out ballast products in a specific region, you specifically reduce inventory costs and increase your ability to deliver. 

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Consistently eliminate portfolio ballast: Simple product phase-out

Soley calculates the cost-benefit balance of all products based on sales development, exclusive parts, suppliers and shopping cart relationships.

With Soley, you identify portfolio ballast and accelerate product phase-out. Target conflicts between product management and sales are resolved collaboratively and fact-based and documented transparently.

Strategic product phase-out

Find discontinuation candidates with the highest savings potential and the lowest sales risk at the push of a button. Maintain an overview of which customers, suppliers, components and production resources would be affected and drive decisions on a reliable data basis. 

In this way, you can reduce costs in purchasing, development, production and after-sales by reducing complexity and achieve bundling effects in purchasing and production by reducing the number of components. 


Sales push via shopping cart potentials

Identify poor cross-sell performances and eliminate them. See what your typical shopping cart looks like at the touch of a button and leverage additional potential. Identify the typical buying behavior of your customers to leverage additional sales potential. 


Identify inconsistent discounting and prevent lost sales.

Adjust your pricing to the lifecycle phases your products are in - to increase sales and margins. 

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Portfolio structuring - preferred products

Soley extends the typical ABC-XYZ analysis and additionally examines internal platform synergies. This results in a clear division into preferred products, extended products and special products, each with a different price point and delivery availability.

Preferred products with high delivery availability help to survive in volatile growth markets and enable high economies of scale in purchasing and manufacturing. 

Make or buy decisions

Large product diversity means continuously re-evaluating make-or-buy decisions in order to deploy scarce internal resources in the most value-adding way possible and strengthen core competencies within the company.

With Soley, you retain control over high-revenue products with high relevance for your company and recognize which products are better procured externally to avoid unnecessary complexity.


Effectively prevent supply bottlenecks

Soley screens the entire product portfolio and examines sales volatility as well as the number of exclusive parts and exclusive suppliers per product. This results in a risk assessment for all products.

In this way, you can easily ensure that particularly sales-relevant products remain available in a targeted manner with multi-source approaches and can identify at any time where expensive warehousing is worthwhile in the long term. 

Decide product redesign based on data

With Soley, you can identify promising redesign candidates based on the common parts ratio and the reuse of installed components. You decide which products are worth redesigning based on data and coordinate the decisions with your stakeholders in a digitized process. In this way, you improve margins through more reuse and reduction of the number of components and reduce supplier risk through fewer exclusive parts.


Management of price increases

Identify products for a price increase and consider profitability, product-customer relationships, indirect sales, and internal complexity. Identify which products' past price and discount history requires a price increase and which customers and indirect sales are affected.

Increase margins by pricing in complexity and opportunity costs of products more strongly. Use the price to steer the customer base towards your preferred products. 


Resilience in sales

With Soley, you reduce the risk of massive revenue losses by focusing on too few, unstable core customers.

Your sales team is empowered to strategically adjust their own supply capacity to fluctuations in demand. 

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Creating transparency: Potentials, risks and hot spots at a glance

Soley classifies your entire product portfolio into core business, ancillary business and portfolio ballast. Complexity Patterns reveal hidden potentials and risks in the portfolio.

This is where the systematic processing of strengths and weaknesses of your product portfolio begins.

Making product portfolio decisions in a timely manner

In global competition, sound, strategic portfolio decisions are your key success factor. With Soley, you decide with an overview: quickly and scalably. Eliminate inefficiencies in your product portfolio and delight customers with cost-efficient, innovative and market-driven product diversity.