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Facilitate better decisions with comprehensive models and data analytics


Increasing Data Complexity and Diversity Require an Inclusive Analytical Approach.

The exponentially growing amount and complexity of data, as well as the heterogeneity of data sources, revolutionize the way data is analyzed.

In order to generate valuable insights, data, domain expertise and the data processing environment have to be merged into workflows. However, depending on the company size comprehensive data analysis is confronted with different obstacles:

Mid-size companies usually struggle with setting up data analysis frameworks, seeking to find the most cost- and time-efficient solution while capitalizing on well-connected experts within the company. Soley provides a lean and agile, integrated development environment and user platform, from data import to interactive visualization. This reduces necessary interfaces to a minimum and saves time and financial resources for small and mid-size companies.

Big companies, on the other hand, suffer from communication barriers, which derive from the relative isolation of each department and non-involvement into each other’s daily workflows and tools. They benefit from the integrated framework in a different way: instant visualization of the designed data models creates a much more efficient coordination process with domain experts and stakeholders. Being able to use meta-models instantly for manual mapping, the matter becomes clearer for both sides. This is the basis for better decisions and mutual understanding, enhancing the productivity of data scientists and therefore boosting the overall company’s performance.

Soley provides you with a perfect solution to master complexity and to generate valuable insights for your company. Increase your productivity by using available building blocks to create your own comprehensive, appealing models, data transformation rules and interactive visualizations. Win game-changing insights, generate and maximize the value from available data, and bring your company to the next level of organizational performance.

Master Complexity by Analyzing Dependencies

1. Start with what you know

Define key elements and their relations

2. Import and map data

Map your data on predefined elements and relations

3. Build knowledge from data

Calculate dependencies based on known relations

4. Take the right decision

Intuitive views map properties to layout, size and color

Create Interactive Results

Use advanced interactive visualizations.

Zoom in and out or drag around nodes.

Provide mouse-over information.

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