The Technology Behind Soley

The Soley Technology Brings Together:

Big-Data TechnologyDomain-Specific ModelingWorkflow Automation

Merge Heaps of Data of Various Sources and Formats

Graphs are the core of our big-data technology: they are versatile, flexible and efficient. We use graphs to store relational data no matter where that data comes from and no matter what the format of the data is. With graphs it is possible, for example, to merge centralized product data from a relational database with data about market scenarios that you have in a local spreadsheet. The Soley graph-representation is the foundation to create domain-spanning data analyses.

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Merge data of various sources and formats

Model Exactly What You Need

Did you know that there is a modeling language that covers exactly what you need to solve your problem or design your system — and not more and not less? This language is your own modeling language that you can define with Soley Studio. This approach is called Domain-specific modeling and allows to create intuitively understandable, yet highly efficient, modeling languages. With our modeling tool Soley Desk, you can start right away creating your own models in your own language.

What do you want to capture in your models?
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Tackle your problems with your own modeling language

Speed up Routine Jobs and Spread Expert Knowledge at the Push of a Button

Using graph transformation, we can let the computer do all sorts of model manipulations and that’s the secret behind our technology of Workflow automation. Anything you can do with a model, whether it’s a routine job (like consolidating data from heterogeneous data sources) or a knowledge-intensive expert task (like the identification of products in your product portfolio with little value contribution), can be stored in a workflow with Soley Studio. You and your colleagues can execute these workflows at the push of a button with in Soley Desk. Like this you can automate tedious, repetitive and error-prone routine jobs but you can also spread expert knowledge and best practices across your organization.

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Speed up routine tasks and spread expert knowledge

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