With Soley, you strengthen your product platform and drive synergies in your core business.

higher productivity
less Waste

Focus on Success

With Soley, internal and external variance can be balanced under economic and technical aspects. Optimized core business increases sales, economies of scale in purchasing and manufacturing, and improves delivery capability and delivery reliability. This turns your core business into a sustainable competitive advantage. 

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Preferred products & variants

1 Soley extends the typical ABC-XYZ analysis (turnover & sales volatility) with the analysis of internal synergies (ABC-LMN-XYZ). In this way, Soley identifies worthwhile preferred products and variants. With higher volumes, automation and digitization pay off - but economies of scale and synergies can also be realized in purchasing and manufacturing. This enables shorter delivery times, higher delivery reliability and increases productivity up to 10%.

Plattform, Redesign, Make-or-Buy

2 With similarity analyses and cost-benefit analyses for products and components, Soley identifies new synergies. Soley supports make-or-buy decisions, standardization of products and components, and building product platforms from existing variance. Now you can manufacture and deliver your core business more efficiently, reduce product cannibalization, improve cost structure, and integrate your ancillary business into lean product platforms.

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LEAN, Clean, (Re-)Cyclic

3 The economic, environmental and social footprint of your products becomes a market-relevant feature. Soley reflects delivery routes, weight, material type, origin, REACH, ROHS, recyclability or CO2 balance of suppliers via components through the digital Enterprise Twin easily on products, variants, features, shopping carts and customers. In this way, you systematically position your company in a more sustainable and resource-conserving way and have a digitalized answer to the challenges of our time.



  • Up to 10% higher productivity
  • Greatly improved delivery times and delivery reliability
  • Synergies through standardization and economies of scale in purchasing and manufacturing
  • Optimize configurable products at feature level
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Focused portfolio strategy

Strategic product portfolio management aligns product offerings, strategic business goals and capabilities. Decisions in favor of new portfolio segments are made quickly - sometimes with fatal consequences.


Companies work with limited resources. Strategy - also in the product portfolio environment - means putting resources in the right place. In most cases, the goal is to retain customers with a comparative advantage. There are various strategies for this: technology or price leadership, scond-mover or one-stop store ...

But especially with a broad product variety lurks a great danger: the complexity trap. If a broad portfolio is not consistently subdivided into make-or-buy according to the company's own strengths and weaknesses, then the maintenance effort and complexity costs grow faster than the additional sales can compensate for. At first, this is hardly noticeable, but over time, recources are spread thin - especially in product development: Existing customers with declining legacy products and concrete sales are given priority. Resources for new product development become scarce.

Thus, an innovation backlog and technical debt build up, which manifests itself in a severely delayed time-to-market or a lack of product maturity. This quickly leads to loss of market share, lower willingness to pay, diminishing profits and even scarcer resources - the downward spiral picks up speed.

With Soley, you can refocus scarce resources on the essentials and significantly improve performance in your core business. In this way, you use resources that are critical to success as profitably as possible and regain room for maneuver for future issues.