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Do it yourself: Automate repeatable data analysis workflows for smarter decisions.

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Create Great Analyses While Saving Time and Money

Start instantly with what you have at hand to create amazing results within a short time: Connect distributed data from Excel sheets or databases using your Laptop and Soley Studio. Create a neat data model within minutes and grow it step-by-step. That’s what we call “LEAN Analytics“.

Forge Expertise into Automated Workflows

Experts become even more productive and valuable, forging, maintaining and improving reusable best-practice workflows. The powerful graph based approach is ideal to create complex calculations, powerful analyses and meaningful visualizations for you to win great insights. That’s what we call “Engineering Intelligence“.

Multiply Your Expertise:
Soley App & Soley Server

Experts can now enable multiple colleagues at the same time instead of drowning in individual requests: Rolling-out best-practice workflows company wide – as app or via server – keeps their hands free, for strategic projects and innovative analysis. That’s what we call “Empowering Experts“.

Soley Studio – Empowering You

Create Your Data Model

Simply Start With What You Know: Create the Objects (Nodes) of Your Model

Easy Breezy

Create the elements you know: “product”, “part”, “supplier”, “invoice” and add their attributes like “weight”, “rating”, “units sold” based on the columns of your spread sheet.

Create the Relations (Edges) of Your Data Model

How are Things Connected?

Create the relations, that connect your entities:
“product” -contains-> “part”.
“supplier” -supplies-> “part”.
Is it really that simple? Yes it is!

Import Data

Import Wizard

Which column represents which attribute?

Use the wizard or create powerful rules to import your data from different sources. Define the range of the table you want to import and map column by column to your model.

Create Neat Graphs Using Your Model

Always the Right Elements at Hand

Model your World!

Create graphs manually using the modelling elements that were created just seconds ago.

View Templates and Attribute Mapping

Views Make More Sense

Pattern Recognition for Your Brain

Computers read tables, our brain reads images. Our brain is the most capable, general pattern recognition machine. By using colors, icons and predefined layouts you create intuitive views that send your message in seconds.

Attribute Mapping

I spy with my little eye

You want to make hidden information obvious! Map properties to the visualized elements. Low cost AND sold often? Find the big blue node. Many common parts? Find bold edges. Discussing the way to go is so much easier if you get to see what you need to know.

Make Magic Happen – Just Say the Rule

Find a Pattern – Pick it up

A pattern knows when it applies!

With the rule based approach you can rock incredibly complex data structures without drowning in endless code. Find complex patterns of nodes and edges based on their attributes or connections to their neighbours. Modify them, delete them or create new elements. That’s it.

Forge Your Expertise Into Automated Workflows

Create Powerful Workflows

Repeatable Analysis at one’s fingertip!

Forge sequences of rules to powerful, seamless workflows: Race from data import to visualization – with a single click. Repetitive data processing is for machines – start using more time for strategic projects!

And Then Just BAAAM!


Easily Analyse Data Structures with multiple Hierarchy Levels!

The relation between part and assembly is the same – no matter on which level. Instead of spending time handling your data with recursive database requests and endless SQL-Joins you can now focus on what really matters.

Multidimensional View

Organic Layout for the big overview

Highlight nodes and edges based on their attributes. Use different views and layouts to create visualizations and fly through your whole portfolio while screening multiple data dimensions at once.

Create Tailored Solutions for Your Business!

Soley Studio is Your Magic Wand!

Create customized views, import product images, copy categories and structures from your world to Soley so you can instantly start using the data and structure you already have. Stop bending your company around expensive tools – a truly smart tool respects where you are coming from.

System Requirements

• Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista (32-Bit or 64-Bit)
• Frameworks: NET 4.5 and Java 1.8
• Processor: Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Opteron processor or better
• Disk space: > 1 GB (200 MB for installation + temporary files)
• RAM: > 4 GB RAM