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Our Mission – Empowering Experts

Our mission is to turn experts into data scientists! We make data consolidation and presentation easier and more efficient. With our solutions at hand, you master and automate complicated challenges in an agile way, and easily share expert knowledge in your company. Learn more about our mission…



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Soley – In A Nutshell

With the innovative software solutions from Soley GmbH manufacturing companies master the complexity of their product portfolios. New analysis concepts and clear interactive visualizations make product complexity transparent at all organizational levels. The unique Engineering Intelligence technology digitizes expert knowledge and automates time-consuming procedures. At the push of a button feasible workflows – from the consolidation of data through data analysis right up to the visualization of the results – save time and money immediately. Soley achieves transparency and, in this way, helps its customers to raise up hidden treasures from their product portfolio.

The technology of Soley effortlessly brings together data, that is spread throughout the whole organization, from databases and tables, into an easily adaptable data model. Even comprehensive analysis results can be displayed informatively in interactive dashboards with organic or hierarchical graphs, a variety of diagrams, tables or matrices.

So, complexity management can be successfully implemented with a minimal input of time and money – even with limited data quality. The solutions from Soley fit seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures and databanks – from a quick start on a laptop to a highly scalable enterprise solution.

The Munich-based software company concentrates on applications in the areas of mechanical and industrial engineering, the automotive sector, manufacturing industries, packaging industry, logistics, telecommunications and electronic and automation technology. Typical application scenarios are standardization, variant reduction, and value flow optimization in Supply Chain and After Sales.

Soley is a spin-off company from the Chair of Product Development at the Technical University of Munich, and cooperates closely with technology-, consulting- and research-partners.

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Soley Leadership

We are a team of passionate mechanical engineers and software developers graduated from Technische Universität München (TUM).

Executive Director

Executive Director

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Our Story

Founded in 2011, Soley is a spin-off from the Institute of Product Development at the Technical University of Munich. Our founders, mechanical engineers Dr. Bergen Helms and Maximilian Kissel together with two IT specialists Alexander Golovatenko and Peter Grüner established the Soley company in order to further develop their research results into effective software solutions and bring them to market. We are now an international highly motivated team with around 20 employees. We aim at growing together with Soley and making the work of experts more efficient.

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