With Soley, you control your market success.

More sales through optimal provision
better delivery performance

Growing Fast and Sustainably:

With Soley, you scale successful core business, aligning demand and delivery strategy based on data.

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Consolidate pricing

1 Soley identifies pricing potential at the product, customer and sales territory level.  With data-driven pricing, you have short-term starting points to improve profitability. In the medium term, strategic pricing can be used to migrate customers to new products in a targeted manner and to strategically resolve competitive situations. This enables you to grow faster and more sustainably and stay ahead in new markets.

Availability and distribution channel

2 From now on, manage each remaining variant, each product and each portfolio segment with the optimal strategy. For this purpose, the portfolio can be divided into segments according to key figures and managed. Through better delivery time, cost advantages and incentives for sales, you avoid unnecessary variance and migrate existing customers to your new "standard".

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Innovation in line with the market

3 A tidy, structured portfolio creates scope for innovation. With Soley, you expand your portfolio with strategic vision. Scale your lean platform and fill relevant portfolio gaps. Prevent unnecessary complexity early on with a digitized solution. Learn from existing data for market-driven innovation: Analyze feature trends for new product generations and focus your development activities on relevant variance - for a short time-to-market.

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Targeting price increases, noticing falling sales volumes and discount battles in good time - with international sales markets, consistent product portfolio analysis is all the more worthwhile.

  • Capturing volatile growth markets with a smart supply strategy.
  • Increase margins quickly with pricing and discount analyses
  • Define the right sales channel for each customer and each product
  • Use data-based trend-analysis to develop successful new products
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In volatile markets, does your sales department suffer from tight inventory?

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Opportunities for growth arise with major market trends, or whenever market competitors cannot deliver. This opens up a favorable opportunity to acquire new customers. The prerequisite: At least the core business must be ready at all times. Targeted management strategies for international markets and a flexible orientation with the possibility of reallocating inventories at short notice create the necessary scope to be able to react quickly. Those who have a handle on the complex interdependencies between already planned inventories, outstanding orders and regional warehouses are always a small step ahead of their market competitors in the decisive situations.