Achieve your business goals – by unlocking the full potential of your product portfolio.

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Are you working on your product portfolio with the handbrake on? Start the digitalization booster: Simply make faster and better decisions.


Data – Enterprise Digital Twin

1 Soley links component, product, customer and supplier data from your ERP system and other sources to form an enterprise digital twin — an intricate, data graph with system-specific complexity that serves as a single source of truth. You now benefit of digitized, collaborative analysis and decision-making support.


Insight – Complexity Patterns

Soley scans the structured data for typical complexity patterns using digitized expert knowledge and checks relevant dependencies (for example, common parts or shopping cart relationships). You now have quantified opportunities and risks - which you can prioritize to align with the corporate strategy.


Action - Transformational Decision-Making

3 Soley classifies the entire product portfolio and generates data-based decision templates: where can you eliminate portfolio ballast (CUT), where are the potential synergies between core and peripheral business (SHAPE), how can you drive market success (SCALE) and where are the hidden value stream risks (SHIELD).

In the collaborative, digitized decision-making process, concrete measures of success can be triggered, and in a traceable manner - turning insights into business impacts.

Business Impacts — Enterprise Success Management

4 The product portfolio is a powerful lever for proactive business transformation. If executive management and product management can establish a common understanding of opportunities and risks to make better decisions faster, nothing will stand in the way of your company's success.

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