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Soley – in a Nutshell

With the software-based analysis solution from Soley, industrial companies master complexity where it arises – in their product portfolio.

With data analytics solutions from Soley, industrial companies are mastering the complexity of their product portfolio in a completely new way. Soley links existing data from development, purchasing, warehouse, production and sales and thus maps the product portfolio with all dependencies in a graph-based model. Thanks to this networked data structure, all relevant dependencies between products, suppliers, shopping baskets and customers can be systematically examined.

Soley digitalizes expert knowledge and methods for data-based complexity management and delivers them as a leading SaaS smart data solution. In this way, Soley creates transparency at the push of a button and reveals hidden optimization potential. Soley was founded in 2013 from the Chair of Product Development at the Technical University of Munich.

Soley – our Vision: Complexity Under Control

We see a world where great ideas, products and companies unfold their full potential – despite complexity.

Companies that master complexity:

  • reduce waste along the entire value chain, work more efficiently and conserve resources
  • use freed-up resources for innovation and sustainable growth.
  • Maintain transparency in the complexity of your product portfolio and successfully focus on market-relevant, highly profitable diversity.
  • are happy to take on future challenges because they are always one step ahead of the competition.

    Soley – Our Missions

    We build the best smart data solution to optimize product variety

    Why does a company optimize product variety?
      The product portfolio is the main cause of complexity in manufacturing companies. In this complex network of dependencies, even small changes affect the entire value chain. Our customers are sustainably more successful due to the optimal balance of market-driven variant diversity and internal efficiency.
    • The creation of transparency in the product portfolio is therefore the ideal starting point with the greatest leverage to optimize the overall performance of the company and create unique value.
    How does Soley enable companies to reap this value?
    • Our intelligent data technology enables manufacturers to easily link and analyze all available product data, covering the entire value chain and product lifecycle.
    • Digitized expert knowledge and advanced pattern search monitor the market performance, modularity and cost efficiency of parts and products and provide agile scenario analysis and interactive portfolio dashboards.
    • The result is a completely new transparency for all stakeholders, which shows relevant and realizable optimization potentials in the product portfolio at the push of a button.

    We build the best software platform for complexity management

    Complexity: critical, diverse and dynamic dependencies
    • The data for analyzing these dependencies is usually available, for example in ERP or PLM systems.
    • This is not necessarily"BigData", but enriched, highly linked data (Smart Data). The knowledge to interpret dependencies correctly is in the mind of domain experts, such as complexity managers or product architects.
    • Our intelligent data technology enables these experts to digitalize their knowledge and apply it to large amounts of data.
    • As complexity occurs in many variants, we provide a generic technology to tackle and manage it on all fronts.
    Our technology is based on two pillars:
    • We have developed a graph-based data representation to capture complex dependency networks.
    • We have built a rule-based knowledge representation to digitalize expert knowledge.

    Soley – Our Inspiration

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    Meet us – Soley @ Events


    Variant World 2018

    Variants and Complexity in Software and Systems Engineering
    April 17-18, 2018 in Leipzig.
    To Event website.


    Hannover Messe 2018

    Hannover Messe
    23 - 27 April 2018 in Hannover.
    Halle 2, Stand A52
    Event Website

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    Soley – OurValues

    • We are a reliable and loyal partner at our customers' side.
    • We are forward-looking and leave the beaten track.
    • We bring a breath of fresh air into the game and think differently.
    • We value diversity and work as a team on our vision.

    Soley – Our Roots

    Soley was founded 2013 as a spin-off company of the Institute for Product Development of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The four entrepreneurs, mechanical engineers and computer scientists, were enthusiastic about the idea of dealing quickly and efficiently with complex databases in highly networked subject areas such as product development and management.

    Bergen Helms and Maximilian Kissel received their doctorates at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, where they dealt strongly with the question of modeling and analysis of complex technological systems. Together with two computer scientists - Alexander Golovatenko and Peter Grüner - they founded Soley with the goal of bringing intelligent data analysis for complex problems to market as an industrial solution.

    Studied mechanical engineering at the University of Karlsruhe and the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Arts et Metiers (ENSAM). During his doctorate at TUM, Bergen Helms developed the technology behind Soley.

    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich in 2008; his dissertation deals with pattern matching in complex product portfolios.
    Head of Software Development

    Studied computer science at the Technical University of Munich.
    Head of Software Architecture

    Master's degree in flexible computer-aided systems and robotics at the National Technical University of Ukraine and Master's degree in software engineering at the Technical University of Munich.

    Talk to Us – Contact @ Soley

    Telefon: +49 (0)89 904 1016-02

    Marketing & PR
    Telefon: +49 (0)89 904 1016-11

    Service & Support
    Telefon: +49 (0)89 904 1016-00

    Visit us – How to find us @ Soley

    Soley GmbH
    Landaubogen 1
    81373 München

    Arrival by Public Transport

    From the Munich Airport take the S-Bahn S8 or S1 to Munich Central Station. From the Central Station
    • Take the U-Bahn line U5 in direction Leimer Platz, or U-4 in direction Westendstraße
    • Get off at the stop München Heimeranplatz
    • Take the exit towards Hansastraße
    • You will find to your right the street called Landaubogen, cross the tunnel beneath the building in front of you and you will have arrived.
    Alternatively, you could also get to München Heimeranplatz by taking the S-Bahn Line S7 in direction Wolfratshausen. In any case, from this station it takes about 7 minutes by foot to our office.

    Arrival by Car

    Coming from Salzburg on the highway A8
    • Follow the highway A8 until the interchange 95-Kreuz München-Süd
    • There you'll need to use the left 2 lanes to follow signs for Garmisch-P. and merge into the A995
    • Follow Tegernseer Landstraße/E54 and B2R until the exit Westend/Heimeran-platz
    • Use the 2nd from the left lane to turn left onto Landaubogen/Tübinger Str.
    • After about 200m turn right, and you will have reached our office
    • Coming from Nürnberg on the highway A9
    • At the end of the highway München-Schwabing take the right lane onto Mittleren Ring / Schenkendorfstraße (in direction highway Stuttgart/Garmisch)
    • Use the right two lanes to take the ramp towards Lindau
    • Remain on B2R until you find the exit toward Laim/Heimeran-Platz, which you need to take
    • Use the 2nd from the left lane to turn left onto Landaubogen/Tübinger Str.
    • After about 200m turn right, and you will have reached our office
    • Coming from Stuttgart on the highway A8
    • At the interchange 81, use the right lane and follow for Garmisch
    • Take the exit 39-München-Sendling towards Nürnberg
    • Merge onto B2/B2R
    • Use the right lane to take the exit toward Westend/Heimeran-platz
    • Use the 2nd from the right lane to turn right onto Landaubogen/Tübinger Str.
    • After about 200m turn right, and you will have reached our office

    • The office is located on the fourth floor of the building B and you access it through the red coded entrance.

      There are three parking spots available for our visitors, in the second underground floor. To reach, you will need to ring for Soley, pass the bar, and look for spots 2083, 2084, or 2085.

      We wish you a pleasant journey!

      Your Soley team