Smart Data Analysis Forged to Engineering Needs

From agile data analyses to corporate solutions, we have the answer that matches your needs. Our technology empowers experts in various domains. Use, create and roll-out smart analysis workflows forged to your needs.

Powerful Data Analysis and Visualisation

Experience visual mapping more powerful and flexible than mindmaps or flow diagrams. Use customized apps to import, analyse and visualize your data. Enrich your daily work with clear facts at the push of a button – in meetings, at your desk when ever you need them.

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Create automated data analysis workflows to boost your productivity: Design domain specific metamodels, import and consolidate data from different sources, automate complex analyses and views – instantly repeatable. Deploy apps to empower Soley Desk users with your expertise.

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Soley Server – Coming Soon!

Share expert workflows in huge teams connected to up-to-date data inside your protected IT-environment. Soley Server is the scalable enterprise solution for you to roll out best practice within your company.

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