The Best Software Platform for
Complexity Management

Complexity Under Control – Anytime at the Touch of a Button

With our scalable smart data technology, we offer the leading solution for data-based complexity management.

Soley's platform for complexity management consists of 3 basic components:
  • Soley Desk for the end user - browser-based and as a Windows application
  • Soley Studio as a complete development environment for the digitalization of expert knowledge
  • Jet Pack modules that ensure smooth integration into your IT landscape.

Soley Desk – The Solution for the End User


Soley Desk is your cockpit for complexity management with customizable dashboards, interactive visualizations and targeted drill-downs. Transparency and overview, filtering, selecting and comparing in scenarios - data-based decisions are only a click away, whether at your workplace or live in meetings.

Soley Desk is the comprehensive solution for complexity analysis and metrics and workflows. You are moving within the entire network of your linked data. Soley Desk enables you to intuitively grasp dependencies in particular and to incorporate them systematically into evaluations and decisions. For example, you always have your product portfolio including complexity key figures and product dependencies in view.

With your own user administration or Single-Sign-On a smooth user administration with detailed right assignment succeeds.

Soley Studio – The Development Environment for Digitalizing Expert Knowledge

Smart Data for your business success –
digitalize expert knowledge and scale it as required.


Soley Studio is the professional development environment that enables you to digitalize expert knowledge in complexity management. This allows you to scale analyses for complex data structures and dependencies to the entire data pool and supports decision-making processes in your company.

Soley Studio provides a fully integrated development environment for fast iteration cycles. It includes data import, data consolidation, powerful rule-based graph transformations, visualizations and publishing capabilities (e.g. OData) - all on one user interface. Soley Studio helps you get there faster.

With a highly flexible object-oriented metamodel, you can consolidate your data diversity into a uniform data structure in the shortest possible time. Start agile with a small model and extend it step by step. Connect Soley Studio directly to existing databases and unlock hidden potential in existing data.

Create your own dashboards and analysis workflows. Benefit from the possibility to automate highly complex analysis steps in the shortest time and make them available at the push of a button.

Soley Studio supports Git for collaborative work. As a team of experts, you benefit from an agile and smooth development environment.

Even the most demanding analyses can be carried out on the basis of current data with just one click. This allows you to apply critical knowledge to current data at any time and make robust decisions based on data. Your business becomes more scalable and critical process knowledge is digitized.


Rule-Based Transformation of Graphs – Scaling Human Heuristics.

Soley's complexity management platform is based on powerful, graph-based technology with rule-based syntax. This approach works similar to human heuristics and enables intuitive development of even the most complex analyses.

With our technology, expert knowledge can be digitalized quickly and easily in the form of automated and scalable workflows. The technology used is ideally suited for searching for complex relationships and enables even the most demanding graph transformations with minimal programming effort.

Detailed analyses, which used to take several weeks, can be performed in a very short time after digitalization. This enables you to generate Smart Data from distributed, heterogeneous data for your business success.
Digitized expert workflows can be rolled out as apps and made available specifically in the company.