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“The Soley software enables us to create transparency concerning the dependencies in our drive portfolio in a very efficient way. This innovative technology helps to reduce the effort considerably for creating clear visualizations as a support for decision making in our development processes. This is a big step forward to a flexible and interactive Tapete 2.0.”Dr.-Ing. Josef Ponn (Project Manager for Platform Drives at Hilti)

Goals and Challenges

Hilti is a world class producer of electric construction tools for professional applications. The electric drive (including motor, electronics, switch, battery etc.) is an important subsystem within the powertool. The goal for Hilti is to manage the electrical drive portfolio with effective and efficient platform strategies and methods. Therefore, the transparency concerning the dependencies within the portfolio is a crucial key to success.

At Hilti, a comprehensive overview of relevant correlations between powertool and drive portfolio (called “Tapete”) serves as the basis for communication between the Drive department and different stakeholders (e.g. Business Units). The effort to create this planning tool and to keep it up-to-date is relatively high due to the amount of manual work. With Soley Desk, relevant overviews and perspectives on the portfolio structure can be made available at the push of a button.


Soley Desk automates the following steps:

• Distributed heterogeneous data is consolidated in one consistent graph database. In this case, spreadsheets serve as input files. The software imports the latest data set and creates a typed attributed graph. In this way, all analyses can be performed easily on the latest state of the data.
• Repetitive tasks are formalized in rulesets. By doing this, time-consuming tasks like filtering of elements, consolidation and layout can be accelerated. This enables the user to perform attribute-, structure- and pattern-based analyses with the push of a button.
• The creation of the “Tapete” and other helpful views are automated based on the latest version of the input sheet. With the filtering functions the views can be tailored easily to certain topics and use cases. This makes the new “Tapete” flexible and interactive. All results can be exported to PDF, PNG, or JPEG to further process the results in presentation slides and other formats.

Benefits for Hilti

With Soley Desk, Hilti is able to speed up the processes of data collection, processing and visualization. Creating a “Tapete” becomes more flexible, interactive and better maintainable. The full process is now available at the push of a button. Making the latest version of “Tapete” available is reduced to a few seconds.

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