Raising Efficiency and Effectiveness in Verification and Validation Processes


varification and validation case study
“The collaboration with Soley, allowed one key professional dream to come true.
Making the complexity managed during my Systems Engineering daily job, graphically and meaningfully accessible in one shot. This is one key success factor.
A powerful and flexible approach was identified and implemented by a suitable effort thanks to deep understanding and full commitment.”Carlo Leardi (System Engineer, Expert Advisor)

System Engineers Have to Coordinate Various Processes Simultaneously

A system engineer at Tetra Pak has to guarantee the technical success of the system within a fixed budget and schedule by coordinating different but complementary processes and their activities simultaneously. Concurrent processes are the management of stakeholders and system requirements, the development of a verification and validation strategy and plan, the validation of the system’s technical maturity (effectiveness) while minimizing effort and time (efficiency).

The goal of the project was to support the system engineers who are in charge of requirements management as well as of verification and validation. Three topics that are handled in three different IT systems and data from heterogeneous sources should be consolidated in one single system. By automation of manual consolidation, calculation and visualization steps the efficiency and effectiveness of the system engineers should be enhanced.

Self-Service Analytics for System Engineers

With Soley, the relevant data from various sources was imported to a graph – a semantic network of all necessary information. Time-consuming and error-prone tasks were formalized and automated in expert workflows. These workflows were then deployed on the data in order to make the results available at the click of a button. Different visualizations like graphs, tables, text reports, dynamic charts and GANTTs helped to find an optimal decision-making support for the system engineers.
To sum it up, with Soley, the following highlights were achieved at Tetra Pak:

• Consolidation of data in one consistent data model
• Parametric self-service analytics with mapping and filters
• Text-mining workflows to improve data quality
• Workflows to reveal hidden dependencies
• Automated calculations of performance indicators
• Various visualizations for optimal decision-support.

A Unique, Graphical, Dynamic, and Analytic Descriptive Model

Tetra Pak for themselves recognized the following advantages using Soley in validation and verification management:

• Minimize time-consuming tasks, focus on the value stream
• The overall relevant information is available graphically in one shot
• Three concurrent system engineering procedures managed continuously and concurrently with minimum effort
• Key information is highlighted, monitored and updated efficiently
• The relevant information is consistent and re-usable
• KISS („keep it simple and sexy”) communication support and format
• Information can be exported into standard excel files and tools and can be re-used in other processes
• Integration of experimental evidence with subjective experience.

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