Series A: Soley adds new investors BayBG and Vito Ventures

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Wir freuen uns, heute den erfolgreichen Abschluss unserer Serie-A-Finanzierungsrunde bekannt geben zu können: Neuinvestoren bei Soley sind die BayBG Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft und Vito Ventures. An der Kapitalerhöhung waren darüber hinaus der bereits bei Soley engagierte Hightech Gründerfonds (HTGF) und nam-hafte Business Angels beteiligt. Über sämtliche Details der Transaktion haben die Beteiligten Still-schweigen vereinbart. Mit der softwarebasierten Analyselösung von Soley meistern …


The 5 Steps for a Manufacturers’ Smart Digitalization

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Managing a technology company is an increasingly challenging task. Furthermore, the complex interrelationships in the product portfolio and process landscape make it even more difficult to find the right path for digitalizing the business. The following 5 steps help you achieve tangible results in record time and gain the necessary overview and freedom to strategically drive the digitalization of your …

Non-coded Metamodeling Management Fully Accessible Through Soley Studio User Interface

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Significant reduction of time for reaching the first visible goal – having a graph view, is still one of our goals we are gradually reaching with every release. In this release, we delivered a full non-coded metamodeling management available from the importing step. You can now create, edit and remove all the available classes and attributes from the user interface. …

New release September 2017

Full Control Over The Import Of Your Data And Improved Autocomplete Feature

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Importing your data is one of the first steps required to start working with Soley Studio. The Data Center is our major feature to support you in that task. Imports from multiple sources have become a common activity among users and for that, the Data Center provides the Import Sequence feature. This feature has now been extended to give you …

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Major step towards improving the non-coded metamodeling and exploring the graph

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No more coding needed to visualize your complexity! Soley Studio made a huge step towards reducing the time in the process of creating your first graph. We eliminated the coding of the metamodel and integrated it in the data importing process. This will help new and existing users to adapt the tool much faster. Once you create your graph you …

Soley Products Release Free Trial August

Extended functionality in the coding environment and simplified, guided data import for the available types of sources

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In the latest release of Soley Studio, there are some exciting new features for our advanced analysis developers and novice users. From guidance through steps of data import, the creation of a graph to handling the code parameters in the coding environment. The whole bundle of features in the release is significantly decreasing an effort of achieving some of the …

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Efficiently Explore The Graph Visualization and Monitor Your KPI Performance As a PRO

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New release, new features! The necessity of making good decisions in management is constantly challenging people to search for new “instrument of choice” that can support such calls. Here at Soley, we are lucky enough that the Soley Studio tool is in many cases already a chosen instrument. Our job is to make it more efficient and that’s exactly what …

[Manufacturing Industry] 5 Key Factors to Digitalize SMEs the Smart Way

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In companies of the manufacturing industry, digitalization can be encountered in many areas: In production, administration, and field service. One might think that digitalization has become the mainstream in the business world. There is certainly something to it. However, there are also organizational areas where digitalization could be significantly higher. I am thinking specifically about the many SMEs in the …

OData – Advanced Data Analytics Meets Business Intelligence

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The OData service in Soley Software opens one more path to provide your business intelligence infrastructure with results of advanced analytics. In many cases some of the data analytics tools are already well integrated into the company’s environment. There is no reason to search for standalone products to solve your complexity and dependency analyses, costs issues and reporting at the …

Easier Visualization and Data Source Management Delivered with New Release of Soley Studio

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One of the most important steps in the flow of using Soley Studio is managing the source files and their relations with nodes. To ease the initial process of creation of the first graph, we developed the Data Center. The Data Center enables you to control your data sources of data importation and mapping the data to the correct attributes …