Great Team – Amazing Solutions


We are a team of passionate mechanical engineers and software developers graduated from Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Dr. Bergen Helms

Executive Director

Diploma in mechanical engineering from Universität Karlsruhe and Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Arts et Metiers (ENSAM). During his Ph.D. at TUM, Bergen Helms developed the technology behind Soley.

Dr. Maximilian Kissel

Executive Director

Diploma in mechanical engineering at TU München in 2008. His Doctoral Thesis is about Pattern Matching in Complex Product Portfolios.

Peter Grüner

Head of Software Development

Master’s degree in computer science at TU München.

Alexander Golovatenko

Chief Architect

Master’s degree in flexible computer-aided systems and robotics at National Technical University of Ukraine and a master’s degree in software engineering at TU München.