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Insurance & Banking

Instantly identify risks and adequate counter strategies. Risk analysis, fraud detection and portfolio management are just some applications that are essential to the insurance and banking business. Soley comes with the power to automatize even the most complex analysis for you to stay in control of potential risks and have upcoming chances in sight.


Provide great serivice while saving time and money. Merge routes, change storage locations and put critical parts and products on stock. In the complex environment of global trade, multinational supply chains and customs regulations you want to be a reliable partner. Make sure your customers don’t miss out on opportunities because they are waiting for your delivery. Soley is the tool for you to analyse existing procedures and routes and identify ways to become a more reliable partner to your customers.


Increase your product quality and lower production costs. Identify synergies between parts and products you create. Look for similiarities in handling procedures and part properies to save time and money. Soley empowers you to look for hidden potentials in your production and helps you to monitor process quality. Complexity can be handled using your expertise and Soley.

Flight & Aerospace

Tight quality management for the most ambitious projects of our time. ISO 9100 conform process management and documentation are key factors for successful business within a network of highly qualified partners. This business is all about creating a trustful cooperation based on knowledge, professional management of non-conformancy and transparent project documentation. With Soley you can monitor complex issues and win fast insights for you to help your customers project to take off.

Education & Science

Create powerful analysis in a short time. Soley provides pattern search and powerful graph transformation and visualization – ideal features to answer the complex questions of our time. Automate workflows from import to visualization. Start spending more time with the interpretation of your results than with scrubbing data.


Modern car platforms come with excessive requirements management, ambitious developing cycles, risk evaluation, systematic testing, technology shifts and a lean process to provide the customer with the car of his or her dreams. Learn more…

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